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Lazy optimize running Linux from USB stick

Installing a Linux distro on a USB stick is as easy as installing it on a normal HDD / SDD.

Making that Linux work well on that USB stick was quite hard, as there is little or no information on the Internet.

Note: booting and running Linux from a USB stick will be slow and it will most likely shorten the life of your USB stick in the long run.

My setup consisted of a i7 Lenovo laptop and a 128GB Kingston HyperX Savage USB 3.0, which supposedly has 350MB / 250MB sequential read / write speed.

I chose Ubuntu 19.10 ISO netboot, which I flashed using Rufus on another USB 2.0 stick.

The following bash commands were run under root user after I successfully installed Ubuntu 19.10 on the 128GB Kinston HyperX Savage USB 3.0 stick.

Written by kami on Saturday October 5, 2019
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