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Lazy build from source apache2 with HTTP/2 support

This script builds apache2 on Linux with HTTP/2 protocol support.

Tested on Ubuntu 15.04.

Ubuntu 14.10 and 15.04 come by default with apache2 version 2.4.10.

The minimum required version for apache2 with HTTP/2 support is 2.4.17, downloadable from

More information about HTTP/2:

More information on how to build apache2 and configure with HTTP/2 support:

Clients that support HTTP/2 protocol are latest version of curl with libcurl http2 support, Mozilla Firefox Nightly or Google Chrome Canary.

Make sure you do not have apache2 already installed and running on port 80.

Written by kami on Tuesday October 20, 2015
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Lazy set MTU on Linux

This script sets the MTU size on Linux.

Tested on Ubuntu, Red Hat and SuSE.

Default values:




If parameters are not given, the script is running with the default values.

Written by Malware on Tuesday September 15, 2015
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